Why Is My Toilet Leaking?

If you have ever had a leaky toilet, you are not alone. Many, many people have dealt with this problem in their home. Dealing with a leaky toilet is definitely an inconvenience that could put a damper on your day. It is helpful to know the reasons of a leaky toilet so you can get it fixed right away.

  • Cracked Tank – The tank of the toilet is where the water flows when you flush the toilet. If the tank has a crack in it, you need to replace it before water begins leaking all over the place.

  • Rusty Pipe – Another reason for a leaky toilet is a rusty pipe. Rust results from corrosion and can cause your toilet to leak.

  • Cracked Bowl – If you notice that the bowl of your toilet is cracked, you need to call a professional to replace your leaky toilet right away. If you don’t, it can cause major damage to your home.

If you discover that you have a leaky toilet, contact us at Clear Drain Plumbing in Los Gatos right away. An experienced plumbing technician will be at your home in no time to fix your leaky toilet.

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