Identifying Water Leaks Inside A Wall

If you have a water leak inside one of the walls in your home, it could be wreaking havoc and you might not even know about it. You have to catch those leaks as soon as you can in order to protect your home from mold growth and wall damage. Leaking water often leaves a lot of signs that it's happening, you just need to look for it.

Here's how you can tell:

  1. A strange, musty odor is coming from a specific area in your home

  2. Paint and wallpaper is peeling or flaking off

  3. Large splotchy marks and discoloration

  4. Visible mold

If you think your home has a leak inside of your wall, you know who to call! The sooner a Clear Drain expert can take a look at the site of the leak, the sooner we can prevent major damage from happening to your home. Give us a call today.

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