When do I need to Repipe my house?

Did you know?

There are several plumbing problems caused by old/faulty pipes. A full copper repiping work will prevent many costly plumbing issues.

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Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a sign that the pipes have developed interior corrosion and build-ups that restricts water flow.

Scalded in the Shower when Toilet Flushes

Corroded pipes or leaky pipes inhibit the water flow, draining cold water from the shower when toilet/sink has been used, which leaves more hot water in the shower.

Leaky Pipes

Corrosion and build-up in pipes restrict water flow, even as entry water pressure remains constant. As a result, pressure builds-up in the pipe and breaks the most corroded or weak areas of the pipe.

Noisy Pipes

Pipes can be noisy for many reasons: in older pipes, the anchors can come loose, or air could leak out of a pipe which has a build-up. Popping/Rattling noises inside water pipes can be caused by build-up that creates a rough coating on the inside of the pipes. This results in the formation of air bubbles that burst or pop once the water heats up.

Rusty / Dirty Water

Smelly Water

Rusty/Dirty, Smelly water is a sign of corroded plumbing pipes. This rusty/dirty, smelly water that serves your family's drinking water, shower and washing machine will affect your health and stain your clothes.