What Is Considered An Emergency Plumbing Issue?

Leaky pipes under a sink while lady stares with worry.

How can you tell if you are having an emergency plumbing issue? If you have plumbing emergency problems, you usually think you must take action immediately to avoid further destruction.

Some emergency plumbing issues are the risk of flooding, clogs, or the water not running for too long. 

Calling an emergency plumbing service in Commerce City on a night or a weekend is costly. Therefore, knowing when you should contact a plumber and how long to hold off is crucial. It’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.

Emergency Plumbing Issue #1 – When There Is A Risk Of Flooding

Flooding caused by a malfunctioning sump pump or burst pipe, a sewer backup, or failure of a water shut-off valve are all situations involving plumbing emergencies. Flooding can cause severe destruction to structures and pose a security risk that must get addressed immediately.

Emergency Plumbing Issue #2 – Multiple Drains Clog At Once

When one drain blocks the other, it’s not a significant issue. However, if the drains of your home are clogged simultaneously, it is an emergency in the plumbing sector to deal with. The inability to identify clogs that affect multiple drains could result in a sewer backup and a significant plumbing issue.

Emergency Plumbing Issue #3 – When There Is A Sewer Backup

When a sewer line is backed upwards, the water is positioned at the point of backup and poses a health risk that could put your family at risk. The inability to address a backed-up sewer could result in raw sewage going back up the drains of your home. It hinders your ability to use the facilities or running water, making a living a problematic task.

Emergency Plumbing Issue #4 – You Are Without Water

Lacking access to running or clean water poses a security risk. Similar to an unplanned water backup in the sewer, it hinders users from using the facilities and impacts the cooking process and clean-up. If the water you use is discolored or smells weird while running, you should contact an emergency plumber immediately.

Emergency Plumbing Issue #5 – There Is A Risk Of A Burst Pipe

Pipes and spigots that are frozen are a source of two of the concerns mentioned above. It includes flooding risk and the absence of water. When a pipe becomes frozen, it is not just that water cannot flow over it.

In addition, it also expands, which causes it to crack, which means that when it is thawed, it poses the possibility of flooding. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the location of your shut-off valves for water and how they function. Ask your plumber about his scheduled maintenance visits to inform you if they need to be made aware.

Less Urgent Plumbing Problems Can Wait

It is better to plan for plumbing issues like:

  • Preventative maintenance like the tune-up of your furnace or water heater flush
  • A slow drain is a cause of clogging.
  • Remodel work
  • Inspections
  • Installation of appliances, for example, garbage disposal replacement.
  • Minor repairs, like for leaky faucets or toilets that are running

If the issue can wait until the next day, then it’s not an emergency, and you need to consider the extra cost and determine whether it’s worth calling. Be aware that even if an emergency plumber arrives after hours or on a weekend or holiday, they can still access the components to complete the task.

The benefit of waiting until the typical work day, plumbers can access supply houses that enable them to access the precise parts and equipment needed for the job. Apart from ordering particular parts, plumbers can obtain all the required details on the same day to complete repairs.

Emergency Plumbing Services In San Jose, Ca

You know when to contact an emergency plumbing service; it is essential to be aware of WHO to get in the event of an emergency with your plumbing. 

The solution is easy; call the skilled staff of Clear Drain Plumbing. For years, we have proved to be reliable plumbing services in Los Gatos for commercial and residential customers.